"How can she do this," you may be asking yourself. Well I am not just a real estate agent. I am a Texas Real Estate Broker and I am not required to be sponsored by a large firm because of my higher numbers of sales and additional classes and second state test. That means I don't have to share my commissions with a firm. So I have learned through the years is if I share part of that saved commissions with my clients then my referrals will increase. 


Double Transactions Program

5% sales commission rate versus a 6% or a 1% rebate. 

  • The two transactions have to be closed with in a three month period of time of each other.
  • The second transaction is the one that will receive the discounted commission charged or rebate.
  • Rebates are contingent on approved by the buyers lender and credited on the title companies closing statement and a check from the agent to the client can not be cut after closing. 
  • This is not transferable to family or friends.



Selling Your Purchase Program

5% sales commission rate versus a 6% commission

  • When I am the listing agent to sell your present home and I was the buyers agent that helped you purchase the home in the past.